Art Brief – Call for expression of interest for collaboration and purchase of works of art – Series II-2013


In my personal capacity, I’m developing a collection that seeks to nurture and capture the culture of the people of the five rivers in the land of Punjab in the Asian Sub-Continent. As one of the initiatives, I am seeking to develop works for art that capture the events, stories, times and lives of the Sikh Gurus and their times (circa 16-17th Century AD).

The art programme comprises a number of projects and the Series II-2013 initiative is focused on commissions for works on the Gurus.


The inspiration for this initiative lies in the work of 16-18th European century artists and their works at the National Museum at London. There are some beautiful works on display and an overwhelming percentage of the same are works on Jesus Christ. The amazing manner in which the story and lessons of Christ have been depicted in the paintings by the artists hundreds of years later is truly a great way to learn and to pass on the message of Christ.

Similarly, there are so many incidents and lessons which have been told and documented about the Gurus. The effort is to capture these in paintings.

The artwork required will be of a high physical quality, incorporating a realistic depiction and palette of
materials that reflect the times locality’s aesthetic and historic vernacular. The size, scale, height, use of materials and detailed design will reflect the past and the grander elements of the Gurus – a focal aspect of the artwork.

An outline includes:
• Creation of work storytelling the life of the Gurus
• Bringing focus to spiritual aspects that seems to be in short-supply.
• Pass on the teachings to the younger generation.
• Retention of memories for the future.
• Make a positive contribution to the conservation of culture of the area.
• Provision of new opportunities to artists.


The project offers an opportunity for an artist (or artists) to have one or more of their art-works sited within a Foundation to be established for promotion of the art and culture of the Land of Five Rivers. This is one of the series and as we raise more funds, we shall expand the programme for works that capture the main object of Life in the Land of Five Rivers (LLFR). Suggestions on future themes are most welcome on

The key project aims are to:
• Develop a sizable collection of art with the main theme of LLFR, creating a destination for learning and performing.
• Draw artists into the subject to build works over a period of time
• be of a scale that helps form a contribution to the dynamic, social and vibrant culture of the area.

The work of art may be:
• singular or several works to form a whole
• part of existing collection or series
• the size of the paintings may vary, but should minimally be 36x24inches
• oil paintings are expected on canvas; mixed media may be utilized, as well.
• the work selected will be innovative and have an engaging presence
• it is expected that the use of realism will be integral to the works.


It is anticipated that the work of art will be purchased directly from the artist(s) and that a direct working relationship will be developed between the project team and artist. (not through a gallery/agent).

Work stages are as follows:
1. Expressions of interest
Artists can register interest with

2. Selection
A selection panel will shortlist works/artists by April 2013, based on response. It is possible that studio visits will be held to view existing work. The successful artist(s) will be contracted to undertake Series 1 with a budget and delivery programme. It is expected that the artist can connect with a set of scholars, with whom they can discuss/produce working drawings initially.

3. Delivery
The work is over a year and is to be completed by December 2013.

Contracts and payments
It is expected that the total allowance for the work of art below will be paid in stages at agreed approval points.

This payment will be made in the following stages:
Existing works selected : 100 per cent on delivery
Commissioned Works: Equal monthly payments based on number of paintings agreed over the period.

How to Apply
If you are interested in applying for this project, please send by email:
• A recent copy of your artist’s statement and CV
• Up to 5 images of your recent work
• Up to 5 images of any completed work or editions proposed for the same
• Purchase price of existing work/editions, with any exclusions..

Expressions of interest should be sent to .
Your expression of interest will be acknowledged within two days of receipt.

If you have any further questions please contact me at


A. A great reference point of a young thinking painter is Bhagat Singh, wherein every painting of his is a story and he’s used his art to tell a whole story. An example is

The site is

A number of his paintings are on

B. Great Artist : Sobha Singh (1901-1986)

C. The times of Guru Nanak Dev Ji

D. The Gurus

E. Key historical events over the years

F. Sikhism

G. Examples of some great work.

The work of Kanwar Singh Dhillon at and the work of watercolurs of Bhupinder Singh at